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Android will not Boot up in Recovery Mode

Android will not Boot up in Recovery Mode

Android will not Boot up in Recovery Mode


You can use your Android without entering Recovery Menu. But if your phone does not turn on or enter Recovery or if you want to install custom firmware, you will have to find out why your device will not start the engineering menu.

Why doesn’t Android Enter Recovery?


On some smartphones there is no official Recovery at all so that you have to install a custom one at once. If there is a “No command” message with a lying robot, it means that there is Recovery but some problems have occurred when starting it. In order to fix the problem, press the “On” button and the volume up key quickly.


Android will not Boot up in Recovery Mode


If Android still does not boot in Recovery, it may be caused by an error that can also be rectified by means of installing a custom Recovery. If installation of a custom Recovery does not help, you should contact a service center: there might be a hardware damage that cannot be repaired using software tools.

Entering Recovery Menu


The entry procedure may differ depending on the mobile device manufacturer. I order to get to Recovery, you need to turn your phone off first and then press a certain key combination. Touch keys do not work in the menu, control is exercised by means of the volume keys and the power button. Recovery should not be confused with the safe mode where all third party applications are disabled. Recovery is rather an engineering menu designed to operate the phone bypassing the system.


Key combinations for entering Recovery on different phones:


    Lenovo — “Volume +” and “On

    HTC – “Volume -“ and “On” or “Volume +” and “On

    Samsung — “Home”, “Volume +” and “On” held down simultaneously.

    Meizu — “On” and “Volume +”

    Xiaomi — “On” and “Volume +”

    Fly — “On” and “Volume +” or “On” and “Volume -”

    ASUS — “On” and “Volume +” or “On” and “Volume -”


Android will not Boot up in Recovery Mode


If the key combination does not work and your phone does not enter Recovery, try to find the combination for your particular model. There are some one-fit-all solutions to run Recovery using a PC or special applications. If you have a PC at hand:


    Download and install ADB and phone drivers.

    Connect Android via USB and run debugging.

    Run ADB and execute “adb reboot recovery” command.


Android will not Boot up in Recovery Mode



What can you do if you do not have a PC? Install Boot Droid. Select the “Recovery” icon in the application and press “Yes”.


Android will not Boot up in Recovery Mode


You can also geе to Recovery using Terminal Emulator. Type “su” in it, provide root access and execute “reboot recovery” command.

Recovery Capabilities


Capabilities of Recovery Mode may vary depending on the type. If it is an official recovery menu, its functionality will not be the most efficient one:


    Restarting to run Android in the normal mode.

    Installing updates.

    Factory reset.

    Clearing the cache.

    Creating a backup copy and data recovery.


Android will not Boot up in Recovery Mode



A custom menu (installed by the user) provides more features. Apart from official Recovery functions, the custom menu also offers the following:


    Installing third party firmware.

    Creating Android recovery image.

    Clearing particular sections.

    Resetting the phone to its initial state without any data loss.

    Restoring rights of system applications, etc.


Custom Recoveries may also vary. CWM and TWRP are the most popular ones. When choosing one, you should consider your phone model and the desired functionality. But if you are not going to install any third party firmware, capabilities provided by official Recovery should be sufficient.


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