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Android Does Not Save Data to a Micro SD Card


Android Does Not Save Data to a Micro SD Card

Android Does Not Save Data to a Micro SD Card


Internal memory of an Android device is often insufficient so users have to store a lot of data on micro SD cards. But what should you do if your Android does not save the content you download (applications, pictures, music and other files) to the memory card?

Memory Card Related Problems


First of all, you have to make sure that your memory card is in good order and able to store files. Take the following steps:


    Make sure that there is some free space on the storage device. Open “Storage” in the phone settings or connect your device to a PC.

    If there is some free space but you cannot save anything to it, check the file system of the memory card. Flash memory for Android should be formatted in FAT32. You can do it on your PC/ laptop or right on your phone.

    Android Does Not Save Data to a Micro SD Card


    Make sure that the storage device does not have any hardware faults. If another memory card with similar parameters and file system operates properly, the reason should be searched for in the storage device.


Your memory card may be incompatible with your smartphone, for example, have higher capacity than that admissible for your particular phone model. If a flash memory’s capacity exceeds a certain value (32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB, etc.), the smartphone cannot detect the card as it does not support the capacity. In this case the only way out is to use another micro SD card with a smaller capacity.


If no card is detected, you should contact a service center. Your phone may have some hardware faults which do not let it operate with external memory devices.

Wrong Folder in Browser


If problems with saving arise when downloading files in the browser, you should check the destination folder. It may be specified incorrectly so that the browser cannot figure out how to save pictures, music, videos and other content. Let us take UC Browser as an example:


    Open “Downloads” in the main menu.

    Tap “Settings”.

    In the “Download path” field specify a folder in the memory card.


Android Does Not Save Data to a Micro SD Card



After that brief adjustment, files in the browser will be downloaded to the specified directory in the card without occupying the internal memory.

Files Cannot Be Transferred to a Memory Card


This most often refers to built-in Android applications. They can be stored in the internal storage only; otherwise the smartphone will not be able to work. However, any third party application can be transferred to a micro SD.


    Open Android settings and go to “Applications”.

    Find the software you want to transfer to the memory card with all the files.

    Tap “Storage” – “Change”.


Android Does Not Save Data to a Micro SD Card



If the button is disabled, it means that the application cannot be transferred. If there is a message “Transfer to phone” instead of “Transfer to SD”, it means that the software files are already stored on the memory card.

Settings for Transferring Files to a Memory Card Have Gone Awry


In Android settings, you can specify manually which memory is to be used by default: internal or external. Depending on the selected option, files will be downloaded to your phone or SD card. After the system is updated, the settings may go awry so you should check them.


This setting is not provided for by all models and manufacturers. Check it on your device:


    Open the Android settings.

    Go to “Storage”.

    In the “Installation location” or “Default memory” field select “SD”.


Android Does Not Save Data to a Micro SD Card


When There Is No Setting


If you cannot set a default place for saving files, applications themselves will help. In the same Samsung browser “Internet”, there is an option for setting the storage location:

Android Does Not Save Data to a Micro SD Card



Check in the application where you are going to save files from whether you can select a storage location in the settings. If it is not available, you will have to transfer files from the internal memory to a microSD card manually.


In order to manage files and their storage location, it may be helpful to install a file manager such as ES File Manager. It allows transferring entire folders quickly from the internal memory to a micro SD.

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