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Android does not Detect Wired Earphones


Android does not Detect Wired Earphones


If your Android does not detect earphones when a headset is connected, the reason should be searched for both in the audio device and the phone. In most cases, you can find and eliminate the fault yourself, however, if there is a serious mechanical damage, you will have to contact a service center.

Earphones Related Problems


First of all, you should figure out if the earphones that cannot be detected by Android are good. In order to check it, connect them to any other audio source: a player, a TV set or PC speakers. If the earphones do not work with other appliances, there are two possible reasons:


    The earphones are defective and need to be repaired/ replaced.

    The devices are incompatible.


Incompatibility of earphones and phones is seldom the case as modern headsets fit most devices with only a few exceptions. Therefore, the earphones are likely to be broken or defective. The most common problems are as follows:


    Damaged wire.

    Contaminated earphone plug.


Android does not Detect Wired Earphones


While the plug can be cleaned easily, repairing a damaged wire will require more efforts: you have to open the insulation, restore and fix the wiring, and then close the fracture with insulating or heat shrinkable tape. If you are using cheap earphones, it may be reasonable to buy a new accessory.

Smartphone Related Defects


What to do if your earphones with or without a microphone are detected by other devices but your phone cannot recognize them? In order to make sure that the problem is with the phone or tablet, connect another pair of earphones to it. If they do not work, check for the following:


    Damaged loop or socket.

    Choked slot.

    Oxidized socket contacts.

    Short circuit.


Android does not Detect Wired Earphones


An ordinary user is normally able to eliminate socket choking but if the loop or connector is damaged, you should contact a service center. As for cleaning, you can use a needle, a toothpick or thin tweezers for this purpose. But take care not to damage the connector.

Software Related Problems


If earphones are not detected, it can be caused by a system failure. The problem can be solved using a drastic measure: resetting.


    Open the main Android menu and go to “Settings”.

    Go to the “Recovery and reset” or “Archiving and reset” (depending on the phone model).

    Press “Hard reset” or “Wipe data” and confirm the operation.


Android does not Detect Wired Earphones



Hard reset is associated with the loss of the user content so you have to backup data before doing it. But you can also do without resetting if you use special software. SoundAbout will help you deal with faults when connecting. It can be downloaded from Play Market free of charge.

Android does not Detect Wired Earphones



In the application you can select a device that will be used for audio playing: an internal speaker, wired earphones or a Bluetooth accessory. After connecting wired earphones and selecting the appropriate item in the program setting, the issues related to playing will be solved.

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