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Android does not Detect a WiFi Network


Android does not Detect a WiFi Network

Android does not Detect a WiFi Network


If your Android cannot detect a WiFi network, first of all you have to find out which is causing the problem: the device that shares the wireless network (modem/ router) or your Android phone/ tablet.

Finding the Source of Trouble


First of all, you have to check if Android can see other WiFi networks. Try to share Internet connection from a laptop or go to a public place with a free WiFi hotspot.


If there are no problems with detecting other access points, the issue is definitely in the network which is not found by Android. However, if the device is not able to detect any access points while other phones show they are available, you have to look for defects in the system and hardware.

Android does not Detect any Wi-Fi Networks


If the device cannot find any wireless access points although it used to see them, make sure that there are no errors in the system and that the module operates properly.


    Open the settings.

    In the “Wireless networks” field move the Wi-Fi slider to the “ON” position.

    Run the network search.

    Open advanced features and check “Always search for networks


There is a resetting network parameters option in the settings of the most recent Android versions. You can use it to rectify some system failures without resetting the device or deleting any data from the memory.



    User and archiving-

    Archiving and resetting-

    Resetting network parameters-


Android does not Detect a WiFi Network 

If the problems with Wi-Fi connection have occurred after updating or reflashing, you have to roll back to the latest steadily operating Android version. Use official or reliable custom assemblies for flashing, then system failures will arise much less frequently.


The worse thing that can happen to your phone or tablet is a hardware failure. If you suspect that the wireless connection module might be out of order, take it to a service center to have it troubleshooted and the faulty component replaced.



Before commencing any serious equipment diagnostics, take some simple steps:


    Make sure that the network you want to connect to is actually available. For this purpose, check if it is detected by other devices.

    Go to Android settings. Turn Wi-Fi off and then on again.

    Restart your phone/ tablet.

    Restart the router if you have access to it. Disconnect it from the mains, wait for 10-20 seconds and connect it again.

    Bring your device closer to the router. Some obstructions or an excessive distance might impede the signal passage.

    Double check the stored password. If you have changed the password in the router settings, it might have been saved in Android connection settings.


That is all you can do at your Android device. If you still cannot see the network after taking all the above actions, start checking and setting the signal source.

Setting the Router 

If you have access to the router, check its settings. The following may help: 

    Enable Wi-Fi in the settings.

    Change the network name (SSID).

    Change the Wi-Fi channel.

    Check the network operating mode.

    Remove restrictions on the number of connected devices.

    Adjust the built-in firewall.


Router settings may vary but all of them have a Wi-Fi section. Check again how to adjust Wi-Fi at a particular router model and make sure that your parameters are properly set.

Android does not Detect a WiFi Network 

If you see “Obtaining IP-address” message when trying to establish a connection and then nothing happens, try the following steps:


    Restart the router -

    Rename the Wi-Fi network. Use Latin letters only in the name -

    Enable the DHCP server -

    Change the network encryption type  -

    Enter DNS and IP-address manually in the access point settings on Android -


The described methods are also viable for other devices that share Wi-Fi. If you are using some third-party software to create a wireless connection from your laptop or phone, make sure that the mobile access point is adjusted correctly. Try to connect to it from another phone and if you .cannot establish the connection, create the access point once again

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