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Android Shuts Down Spontaneously

First, let us consider why Adroid turns off spontaneously and then we will try to fix the problem. Some of the troubles can be fixed by the user while others have to be rectified in a service center as some special equipment is required to eliminate the fault


Below we are going to provide a list of possible reasons why an Android phone or tablet may turn off spontaneously. Choose your “case” and act as appropriate. We cannot be held liable for your actions.


It should also be noted that your phone/ tablet may turn off during a call, when you are playing a game, when it is in your pocket or in some other situations. Each situation has its own reasons.

Android Turns Off Because of Firmware or Installed Software


This is the most common case and the solution is rather simple.


Android is known to be modified by each smartphone manufacturer for each particular model. As a result of mass production, some shortcomings may arise in the firmware.


Applications from Google Play or one of their updates may also be of poor quality.


The problem can be fixed as follows:


    Try to enter the safe mode and check operability for some time. If everything is OK, delete the latest updated or installed applications and test Android in a normal mode.

    If your device turns off even in the safe mode, reset it to factory settings and test again. Resetting to factory settings will return your phone to its initial state (as when it was purchased), i.e. all applications will be deleted and the firmware will be initial one again. Therefore, do not forget to backup your data and synchronize your contacts with your Google account in the cloud.


    Is the problem in the firmware? Then the device needs reflashing.


Android Turns Off During a Game


Apart from games, this also includes some resource-intensive applications that overload your phone: watching YouTube or any other video for a long time, loading various software with heavy graphics, etc.


You have noticed that your phone heats up badly? This may result in tripping that turns the phone off and prevents its damage due to excessive temperature.


Try to find some information about your phone model on the Internet to figure out whether it is typical of it to heat up so badly under load or it is just an isolated instance. You may need to go to a service center.


Besides, long heating may cause incorrect power delivery from the battery to the device modules which results in a failure causing overheating. But the battery will be discussed below.

Android Turns off during a Call


This situation is most often caused by the one of the following:


    The modem module (cellular communication transducer) is damaged. This may be caused by either normal wear and tear (you have been using the phone for many years) or by a physical damage (an impact, falling, moisture ingress, etc.). Having the module replaced in a service center is the only way to solve the problem. You can hardly identify the fault yourself as you will have to exclude all the other possibilities.

    A trouble in the battery operation. When calling, the battery starts “distributing” power to the phone modules incorrectly which results in a failure and the phone shuts down. The best way to check it is to install a similar battery.

    Software errors of the phone firmware or some installed applications (if you are using Viber, Skype, Telegram or any other messenger with a voice call function). The solution is described at the beginning of the article.


Battery Causing Android Spontaneous Shutdown


The battery is what most often causes your phone to shut down.


Let’s not go into detail about the cases where you are using a non-original battery or it has been used for over 2 years. Let’s focus on the situation when your phone is rather new (up to 2 years old) and you are using the factory installed battery.


I have already mentioned the situation when the battery distributes the power to the smartphone modules incorrectly and a failure occurs that causes a shutdown.


If the battery can be accessed easily (just removing the back cover), examine it visually for any bulges, signs of corrosion, dents or cracks.


    In my practice, I have even faced the following situation.


The phone was purchased “in a sale at a communications store”, so it was one of cheap models intended for mass market customers and sold as a special offer.


The battery turned out not to fit tight against the contact set on the smartphone so that when typing or shaking, the contact came loose and the phone shut down without any power supply.

OK, it is not your case. Your phone is a flagship model of a well-known brand.


A non-original cable may be used for the phone. This causes the charge and power controller to get out of order which disrupts the supply circuit. Manufacturers have been recently doing it intentionally to make their customers use original accessories only (Apple is a pioneer). This fault can only be detected at a service center.


What if your phone turns off in freezing temperatures? Long exposure to temperatures below zero has adverse effect to batteries, so you should keep your phone in your pocket, closer to your body. The battery will also drain a little faster in this case.

Other Reasons


Other cases you may also face:


    When connecting to Bluetooth, WiFi or LTE/3G cellular communication. A system failure. You have to solve the firmware related issue (refer to the beginning of the article).

    When connecting wireless earphones. There is a failure caused by a contact closure. The reason may be related to either the earphones or the phone itself. First of all, try another pair of earphones.

    The phone shuts down when a charger is connected. Check it with another cable first. If the reason is not in it, contact a service center as the trouble is in the power circuit (connector, controller or battery).

    Other factors which may be caused by a failure of just any phone unit as a result of an impact, moisture ingress, etc. Take your device to a service center.


Which reason do you have?

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