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Android Does Not Send or Load MMS


If your Android does not open or send MMS messages, the first thing you should check is APN settings. Configuration is to be sent by the service provider when your phone is turned on with a new SIM card for the first time. However, settings may go awry or become inappropriate after the SIM card has been changed.

Reasons Why MMS Are Not Received by Android


The most common cause of problems with MMS is incorrect parameter setting in the system. This applies to both the sender and the receiver. But other reasons are also possible:


    Your phone does not support the format of the messages sent by another user.

    The size of an MMS is bigger than the space available in the smartphone storage.

    The feature has been disabled or is not supported in the tariff plan.


First of all, you should check MMS settings on your phone, and if they are correct, the next step is to contact the service provider’s help desk.

Setting Up Android for Receiving MMS


Any mobile service provider sends Internet and MMS settings when a SIM card is installed into a phone for the first time. But some users disregard the configuration message and do not save the parameters. As a result, they cannot use mobile traffic for Internet connection or send/ receive MMS as Android does not know what data should be used to accomplish the task.


Therefore, in order to figure out why MMS are not loaded on Androidб you need to make sure that necessary parameters have been added to the system. Each mobile service provider has its own identification data; however, the procedure for setting up Internet connection and MMS is the same for all.

Automatic Setup


If you have not received any configuration messages or have deleted them and you do not know where MMS and Internet connection settings are stored, request the parameters from your service provider. Each provider has its own phone number for calling or sending a message with a certain text.


Besides, you can have your own user account on the providers’ website where you can control your services, including requesting Internet and MMS settings. Authentication in your account takes place via your phone number and a password received in an SMS.

Manual MMS Setup


If automatic setup does not work (the service provider does not send any settings or they are not saved in your phone), add the parameters manually. You can find them in the “Help and Support” section on the mobile service provider’s website. In order to perform manual setup, you need to know where MMS parameters are stored on Android. The following instructions may help:


    Open your phone settings and go to “Data transfer”.

    Move the slider to the “On” position to turn the mobile data on.

    Go back to the settings menu. Open “More”.

    Go to “Mobile networks” and select “APN”.

    Open the side menu and select adding a new point.


Depending on your smartphone model, the names of the items may slightly vary which is accounted for by your smartphone manufacturer’s Android shell.


The APN setting menu will appear where you will have to specify MMS parameters provided by your service provider. They are the same for all Android versions.


After connection parameters have been entered, save the configuration, restart your smartphone and try to send an MMS or ask a friend to send a photo message to you. In order to set up MMS for other service providers, use the table provided or find the parameters on official websites of mobile service providers.

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