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Android Does Not Show the Battery Charge Correctly



Android Does Not Show the Battery Charge Correctly


 Android Does Not Show the Battery Charge Correctly

? If your Android does not display the battery charge level correctly, it is inconvenient to use the device. The phone discharges quickly and can suddenly shut down even if the displayed percentage of battery charge seems sufficient for working. The failure can be fixed by means of calibrating the battery although in some more serious cases the battery may need to be replaced.

Causes of Displaying the Wrong Battery Charge

If you have noticed that something is wrong with the battery charge figures, do not disregard this symptom and try to find out the reason. It may be one of the following:

    Incorrect battery calibration.
    Firmware errors.
    Battery deterioration.

If your phone has been used for several years, its fast draining and incorrect charge level display is most likely accounted for by the condition of the battery. You can try to calibrate it but it is more efficient to replace it with a new one.

In order to slow down battery deterioration, use the original charger and try to charge your phone/ tablet from a power outlet, not via a PC USB port.

Android Does Not Show the Battery Charge Correctly

If the faults in determining the charge level have occurred after the device flashing, try to reflash it, having first charged the battery to 100%. Or install other firmware if you are using custom assemblies


Calibrating Batteries in Android Powered Phones

What should you do if you have not flashed your Android and the device was not purchased so long ago that the battery could get out of order? Calibrate the battery using special software or Recovery Menu.

Calibration is required to fix a glitch which makes the battery “memorize” incorrect charge borders. As a result, the battery is not charged completely, displays incorrect percentage and drains fast.

Without Root and Recovery

If there are no root privileges on Android, and you do not want to install anything extra, try to calibrate your battery using a few charging and discharging cycles.

    Discharge the device completely. The battery should be in a state that when you try to turn the gadget on, it makes a special sound indicating that the battery is flat and turns off at once.
    Remove the battery and wait for a couple of minutes. If the battery cannot be removed, leave the device off for about 10 minutes.
    Start charging the phone which is off. Wait until it is fully charged.
    Without turning the device on, remove the battery and wait for a few minutes.

It is recommended that the cycle be repeated for three times to improve the accuracy of the battery calibration. After a single cycle the effect will not be evident.

Application for Calibrating Batteries on Android Devices

If manual calibration does not help to fix the problem, use Battery Calibration application.

    Install Battery Calibration.
    Charge your device to 100%.
    Run the application and press the “Calibration” button.
    Turn off the charger.
    Let your smartphone drain completely.

After calibrating your device in Battery Calibration you should wait for complete battery draining and always charge it to 100%. Otherwise, incorrect data will be displayed again.

Working in Custom Recovery

If a custom Recovery Menu is installed on your phone, there must be an item for resetting the battery stats. For example, you have to open “Wipe” in TWRP and select “Wipe Battery Stats”. There is also another way:

    Go to Recovery menu.
    Tap “More” and open “File manager”.
    Go to the data/system directory and tap the batterystats.bin.
    Select “Delete” and confirm the operation with a swipe.

Android Does Not Show the Battery Charge Correctly

After stats are deleted, turn the device off and charge it to 100%. This method works the same way as calibration in Battery Calibration, so you can choose either one


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