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Android does not Boot Past Its Logo Screen


why Android does not Boot Past Its Logo Screen

Android does not Boot Past Its Logo Screen


If your Android does not boot past its logo (the manufacturer’s splash screen or the image of the robot), it can be caused by some system failures or hardware faults. System errors can be rectified by users but in case of mechanical damages it is recommended that they contact a service center.

Causes of the Fault and Reasons Why It Turns On but does not Boot


If Android does not boot on a phone or tablet, or an Android powered smartphone turns on but does not get past the logo screen, the possible reasons are as follows:


    Errors related to flashing. They include installing an inappropriate or damaged assembly, a breach of the flashing procedure, a power failure or some other factors.

    Insufficient memory. The system may fail to boot or boot very slowly due to a lack of memory. The issue may be solved by optimizing applications and deleting unnecessary data.

    Memory card incompatibility. If your smartphone turns on but does not boot completely, try to extract the memory card and restart the system.

    Some hardware faults which arise after an impact, falling, liquid ingress or exposure to high temperature.

    Damaged power button or loop which “cycles” the phone so that it starts rebooting up to the logo and then over again. This occasionally happens and troubleshooting can be performed in a service center only.


Before you try to rectify the glitch in Android operation, you have to figure out why the system fails to boot.

Performance Restoration


If your phone indicates that there is a charge, you should search for the causes of the trouble in Launcher Android operation. If the device vibrates or its screen flashes, the screen may be damaged.


Android does not Boot Past Its Logo Screen


If you have found out that the fault is in software, simple restarting will not help. You have to reset the system via Recovery Mode or reflash your device. Here is you can do:


    Hold down the power button and the volume down button (the combination may be different, check it for your model) and go to Recovery Mode. If your phone does not enter Recovery Mode, it means that the problem is at a deeper level so you have to contact a service center.

    Select “Wipe data factory” to reset to factory settings.

    Select “Reset” to reboot the device.


Resetting will delete all user personal data and settings. If this method does not help, reflash your device. In order to do it, transfer a file with suitable firmware to the memory card root, insert the storage device into your phone and select “Install zip from sdcard” in Recovery Mode.

Android does not Boot Past Its Logo Screen


You can deal with a software failure yourself but what can you do about a hardware fault? The wisest solution is to contact a service center for troubleshooting and repair.

Extracting Data from Dead Android


Even if a problem can be fixed without any financial expenses, by means of reflashing, the following question often arises: how to recover data stored in the phone memory. A memory card does not cause any problems: you can just take it out of the device. But how can you recover data from internal memory? For example, you may need to get contacts stored there.

Android does not Boot Past Its Logo Screen


If you have made a backup copy of the system or at least enabled Google synchronization, it is going to be quite simple to recover your contacts. All you need to do is go to “Contacts” application on Google website in order to see the entire list of synchronized contacts. If you need to transfer them to another device, just add your Google account to it.

Android does not Boot Past Its Logo Screen


In order to get any other information as easily, you have to make backup copies of Android from time to time. Then, if your phone keeps rebooting and resetting does not help, you can just reflash it without worrying about information integrity.


For example, you can install custom Recovery and copy your data to a memory card using “Backup” feature

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