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Android does not Boot after Installing Beats Audio

why Android does not Boot after Installing Beats Audio?

Android does not Boot after Installing Beats Audio


If Android does not boot after Beats Audio has been installed, you will most likely have to reflash your device in order to fix the problem, as it does not support this audio technology.

Installing Beats Audio on Android Correctly


Beats Audio technology was initially developed for HTC phones but later it was applied to other Android powered devices. However, not all smartphone models are supported so users take a risk when installing it. If Beats Audio turns out to just load the processor or if Android does not boot at all, you will have to reflash your phone. Besides, you have to obtain superuser privileges – root.


If you are sure that Beats Audio will work on your smartphone, below is the instruction for its installation:


    Make a backup copy of your phone. If any problems arise after installation, this will allow saving your data when reflashing the system.

    Download Beats Audio Installer APK file from a reliable source.

    Install and run Beats Audio Installer. Press “Next” and agree to granting access to the system.

    Wait until the installation is complete and restart your device.


Beats Audio earphones should be used for better sound. The program works with varied success, users observe clearness of sound and improved bass.



While under Windows you can install any software and then delete it if some troubles occur, Android just stops booting after you have installed an application that substitutes for system files. It happens if the software drivers and the device are incompatible.


Unfortunately, when downloading Beats Audio Installer, you may not always be able to see the complete list of compatible models, so lots of users face a problem of seeing a black screen after installation and restarting. Android does not boot and the only thing that can help is reflashing the phone.


You have to find an official firmware or a high quality Android assembly for your model and install it to replace the damaged files. If you have not made a backup copy before installing Beats Audio, all your personal data will be lost.


There is no other way to bring your phone back to life.

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