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Android Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi

If Android cannot connect to Wi-Fi, the user most often sees the “Obtaining IP address” message or aт authentication failure notification. Another common connection error is seeing “Saved, secured with WPA2” message while your device does not access the Internet.

Possible Causes of the Failure


If Android cannot connect to Wi-Fi (for example, you see a grey button and an exclamation mark instead of the enabled Wi-Fi symbol), it may be caused by one of the following:


    Incorrect Wi-Fi password.

    The type of security or the wireless communication standard set up in the router settings is not supported.

    Some troubles related to Android firmware.


The first thing you need to do is figure out which device is causing problems. If your phone is the only one that cannot connect to the access point, the reason should be searched for in its settings and firmware. If the wireless network cannot be found by any device, router settings should be checked.

Obtaining IP Address” Message


If the “Obtaining IP address” message appears when you try to connect, but connection is not established, it can be caused by the DHCP server disabled in the router setting or some troubles in Android operation. Simple restarting of the router may help.


If there has been a failure in the DHCP server operation, the device restarting will eliminate it. If the failure persists, do the following:


    Open the router settings.

    Make sure that the DHCP server is on.


Android Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi



Depending on the router model, the procedure of DHCP enabling/ disabling may vary so you have to find instructions for your particular device.

Authentication Failure


If, when connecting, authentication ends up with an error, the glitch is most likely caused by incorrect Wi-Fi password entry. In order to fix the problem:


    Forget the wireless access point on your phone/ tablet.

    Restart the router.


Android Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi



If restarting the device and redetecting the access point does not help, enter the router interface. The interface address and login details are provided on the device housing.


    Change the password using Latin letters and digits only.

    Make sure that WPA2-PSK standard has been selected for network authentication.


Android Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi



If your phone does not support WPA2-PSK standard, select another mode – WPA, WPA2. Obviously, you cannot do it in the subway or a mall, so you just have to put up with it. But when at home or in a hotel you can access the router and check the wireless network parameters.

Saved, secured with WPA\WPA2


If connection is established without a password, an authentication failure is impossible. However, there may be another situation: the network is saved but there is still no Internet access. Restarting the router usually helps but sometimes you have to go deep into the settings.


    Check the correctness of the Wi-Fi password entered.

    Enter the router interface. Set the correct region (the one where you are).

    Select a channel from 1 to 10 instead of Auto.

    Android Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi


    Try another router operating mode. If “N” or “B” is set, select “Auto” or “B/G/N mixed”.

    Change the encryption method and the password.

    Try different channel widths. First try to set “Auto”, then “20 MHz” and so on.


Android Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi



Besides, check the permissible number of devices. If “0” is set, it means there are no restrictions.

Problems Finding Network


If Android does cannot detect a Wi-Fi network, changing the region and channel usually helps too. If Russia is selected in the settings, the router automatically connects to channels from 1 to 13. However, some devices do not support channels exceeding 10 – that is how an error occurs. In order to fix it:


    Change the region to the USA: it has 10 channels only.

    Change the channel manually to one of the 1-10 range.


If it does not help, make sure that the network is detected by other devices. Perhaps, the cause of the fault should be searched for in the Android Wi-Fi module.


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