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Android Cannot Connect to a PC via Wi-Fi


Android Cannot Connect to a PC via Wi-Fi

Android Cannot Connect to a PC via Wi-Fi


If Android does not connect to a PC via WiFi, the first thing you should do is find out which device is operating improperly. The reasons may include incorrect settings or some hardware issues related to either the phone or the laptop/ PC.

Why Can’t Connection Be Established?


Connection between a PC and an Android device can be established to complete one of the following three tasks:


    Remote control.

    File transfer.

    Internet access.


Almost all cases require special software which has to be configured correctly. 

The only exception is sharing Wi-Fi from your PC or laptop – it can be arranged using the command line but the setup is still required. However, it won’t work if there are any problems in the Wi-Fi module operation:


    There are no wireless module drivers on the PC/ laptop.

    The router is operating incorrectly.

    Wi-Fi does not work under Android due to some software errors or hardware failures.


Therefore, make sure that Wi-Fi is working before trying to set up a connection. Connect your Android device to the working network, share Wi-Fi from your laptop/ PC, and create a wireless network in the router interface. If the equipment is in good order, improper setup is the only possible reason why you cannot establish direct connection via the router.

Setting up Connection


Let us consider the methods of connecting Android to a PC via Wi-Fi for file transfer and remote control. If you want to transfer files between devices, use one of the following popular programs:


    ES File Manager.


    Total Commander.


The main requirement for connection to work is that all devices have to be connected to a single wireless network. If you choose AirDroid for file transfer, the procedure will be as follows:


    Install the application on your phone.

    Skip registration or create an account.

    Android Cannot Connect to a PC via Wi-Fi


    The application will provide an address to be used in order to establish a connection with the PC. Run the browser on the PC or laptop and enter the address.

    Confirm connecting via Wi-Fi.


Android Cannot Connect to a PC via Wi-Fi


A good thing about Android is that it offers complete synchronization. It means that, apart from transferring files, you can also control your phone remotely from a PC. You can also use TeamViewer for this purpose.


Complete synchronization implies that you can call or send messages from your PC, use the camera of your Android device, send videos and obtain access to the phone file system.

Possible Problems


If obtaining the PC’s IP address becomes a problem, or connection cannot be established, check the router settings. The mode under which different devices cannot be connected to each other but can only access the Internet may be on. For example, for TP-Link routers, you have to open advanced settings of the wireless mode and disable AP Isolation to disable this limitation.

Android Cannot Connect to a PC via Wi-Fi 

If you are trying to establish a connection through ES File Manager and cannot access some folders on the PC, check if they are generally available.


    Open the control panel and go to the network control center.

    In the additional options of general availability, enable network discovery and general availability of files and folders.

    Disable the password protection to avoid the necessity of entering the code every time when connecting.

    Open the properties of the folder you want to access remotely.

    In the “Availability” tab press the “Advanced Setup” button.

    Check “Enable general availability”.

    Run LAN rescanning in ES File Manager.


If the equipment is operating properly, and there are no faults in the settings, there will be no problems with connection.

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